Slim down for Labor Day weekend

August 23, 2016


You may not want to hear this... There is no quick fix. There is no magic pill. The “flat belly diet” or “bikini body diet” you see on the cover of the magazines do not work.


It’s all about consistent training and a proper diet.  Not starving yourself. The only thing starving yourself will do is cause you to store more body fat when you do eat. 


When you skip meals your body goes into starvation mode. You may not feel hungry, but this means your metabolism is not working at optimum levels. When you do eventually eat your metabolism will be slow and you will store more fat from those meals. Also, skipping meals makes it more likely for you to binge and eat more by the end of the day.


The resolution to trimming down is getting to the gym, lifting weights and following a proper diet with balanced portions of nutritious whole foods necessary to fuel your body.  


If you need assistance with nutrition and training feel free to email

We are more than happy to get you on the best meal plan to fit your nutritional needs and achieve your fitness goals.


It does not happen overnight, BUT there are a few universal tricks that will help take away the bloat and tone up. These tips are super easy, FREE and fast- acting. A few days following these guidelines and you’ll feel like you lost 10 pounds!


1. Follow a proper diet. The best way to burn fat is to reboot your metabolism. We have all skipped a meal here or there when we got busy or ate way too much because we were hungry, causing us to overeat. The best way to burn fat is to make your metabolism work at an optimal level for you 24/7. To do this you should eat small meals every 3-4 hours with the proper portions of protein, veggies, fats and carbs. Yes, you read that right. CARBS! You can eat carbs, but you want to eat the right carbs and the right amount of carbs. Everything is in moderation.


We offer customized meal plans for basic weight loss for $35. Losing weight doesn’t have to be a torturous, starving, energy depleting process. With proper guidance you can enjoy a variety of every day foods and sustain great energy levels while you lose weight.


2. Take the right supplements. Along with a healthy meal plan and exercise, you can maximize your weight loss by taking the 1st Phorm Bliss GoPack (for women) or Commander GoPack (for men) to help naturally balance your thyroid hormone production and reduce the production of the stress hormone cortisol.


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3. BAN White bread and white pasta. We are not saying ban carbs – this is specific to cutting out all white grain products. If you cut these out of your diet you will notice an almost instant slim down. The simple carbs in these foods cause bloating, especially around your belly.


4. Eliminate Dairy. Dairy is high in inflammatory and can cause massive bloating. Research has shown that up to 50% of people are not genetically equipped to digest dairy.


Don’t fret about the lack of calcium. We get plenty of calcium from the veggies we eat. A great, bloat free milk substitute is unsweetened almond milk or coconut milk.


5. Drink water, and plenty of it throughout the day. Water is your best friend when it comes to keeping the bloat away. Most people think drinking water will make them bloated – this is not true! Not drinking it will make your body retain water. Approximately one gallon a day is ideal.


6. Add High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) to your routine. Adding 30 minutes of HIIT cardio a day will get your heart rate up. This will help you burn calories during your workout and continue to burn calories hours after. HIIT incorporates alternating short bursts of intense cardio with a moderate activity. You will want to choose a routine that engages multiple muscles simultaneously to intensify the calorie burn!


7. Avoid Salty foods. Some salt is ok. Try to avoid table salt and substitute with sea salt or Himalayan crystal salt, and use only in moderation. Many foods already have salt added, so when you add more salt to already salted food, your body received more salt than it can dispose of. Our bodies have to use huge amounts of energy to try to metabolize this, and it can cause bloat which makes us look and feel fat.



For this workout complete move 1 for the number of sets specified and take a brief rest before completing move 2. Take only 30 second breaks between sets and take about 1 minute rest before moving on to the next move. 

  • Ice Skaters

  • Alternating HEAVY Step Ups

  • Hamstring Ball Roll Outs

  • Fire Hydrants

  • Weighted Split Jumps

  • Plant Hip Drops

  • Reverse Bicycle Crunches 

    -- Do 1 minute reps for EACH move 5 times.





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Special thanks to Emily Frisella for this amazing recipe! This simple smoothie will help battle the bloat.



1 medium or 1/2 of a large cucumber

1″ piece of peeled ginger root

1/2C coconut water

1 medium ripe banana

1 scoop 1stPhorm Level-1 Vanilla Ice Cream

  Purchase at   

1 handful of ice (about 1/2-3/4C)



Combine all ingredients in a blender and mix until well combined and smooth.


    Nutrition Facts

Serving Size 1 large smoothie

Calories 132 / 271 with protein

Fat 1g / 4g with protein

Carbohydrate 33g / 37g with protein


Protein 2g / 26g with protein



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