Incorporating HIIT Training into Your Resistance Training Could be Better for Your Gainzzz

July 1, 2018

We know you have heard of HIIT training, but have you heard of HIIT RESISTANCE TRAINING?


You might know the term weight lifting better than "resistance training" - the resistance is simply just the added weight. The idea behind HIIT is to keep your heart rate way up for a short period of time with brief intense movements.


At BCMF we have all seen the benefits of these types of workouts, but you may be surprised to see the same idea can be applied to HIIT resistance training!


HIIT for lifting would be a similar concept, short period of time (fewer reps) with brief intense movements (heavier weights). We came across an article by Men's Health about the effectiveness of HIIT in resistance training and results led to major improvements in strength, which is what we are all striving for!



A group of 48 people were put into a research study to see how HIIT resistance training compared to Moderate-Intense resistance training. The goal was to see if there was a difference in strength gains between the two types of training. They tested each persons one-rep max and five-rep max at the beginning and throughout the 6 week study. The Moderate-Intense group did double the reps at less weight than the HIIT group, and double the sets the second half of the study. 



Both groups saw significant improvements, but the HIIT group saw more gains than the Moderate-Intense group in at least four of the ten categories. Even more telling, at the halfway mark (3 weeks into the study) the HIIT group saw significant strength gains in all of the categories where the Moderate-Intense group saw no significant improvements over the first half. 



Based on this study, HIIT resistance training will help you see gains in strength in half the time compared to a Moderate-Intense resistance training program. In some cases, HIIT training can make you even stronger! You will see similar results with a Moderate-Intense training program, but it will take more time. 


If you thought that HIIT was only for cardio hardio... WRONG!.. think again; or what we like to say train again ;)





July 5: 10 a.m. Class only 

*Check the BCMF Total pHit app for real time updates on schedules and which trainers are teaching each class!


The month of July is our anniversary and we are going to have fun contests and prizes each week. Make sure to join "BCMF Member Page"group on Facebook where we will be announcing all contests and winners each week! 

First one starts 7/1.





 Time to cool down and indulge in your childhood love of a cold sweet treat for Summer!


– 1/2 pack of 1.4oz Sugar free chocolate jello instant pudding

– 1c. Unsweetened almond Milk

– 1 scoop 1stPhorm Milk Chocolate Level-1 protein



Mix all ingredients in a bowl, let mix set in the fridge for five minutes, then place in Popsicle molds and freeze until solid.






Wish your fellow BCMF swole-mates a Happy Birthday this month! 


Katie K - 7/1

Richard A. - 7/2

Joleen F. - 7/7

Roger B. - 7/8

Joseph B. - 7/8

Lindsay G. 7/15

Pam B. - 7/17

Crystal K. - 7/20

Theo P. 7/20

Erica K. 7/25

Heather M. - 7/25

Jonathan L. - 7/26

Vanessa A. - 7/27

Kara B. - 7/27

Trysten M. - 7/28

Dea S. - 7/28

Kara S. - 7/29

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